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Buying Wholesale Products Online

The hunt for the proverbial sale and or bargain will never end. Though the trend is more and more leaning towards online shopping. Compared to even 5 years

ago. More and more retail outlets are building on their online presence or if they don't have an online presence, they are working towards one.

The competition for online shopping is becoming fierce. Though there are some downfalls to online shopping as in returns are more of an inconvenience. You have to wait to receive your products due to shipping. You also are unable to physically see and touch anything and have to rely on photo-shopped images and possibly fake reviews. The biggest thing you can't do when shopping online is to experience the person to person interaction. If your the type of person that likes to haggle for a deal. Well this you just can't do when you shop online

How to Find Wholesale Products Online

Over the years I have had 2 traditional brick and mortar stores and 5 online e-commerce stores 3

of the online e-commerce stores, we still operate today. When buying products to sell in these stores. One thing that I became very good at was finding wholesale suppliers to purchase from. One of the secrets that I do. When I started the search with google. I always added the search term wholesale and the location, as an example - certain item +wholesale+location. A lot of wholesalers as well as general importers now will sell to the general public. In some cases, all you have to do is fill out a form. Usually, your name and contact information and you can then go ahead and order. It's as simple as that. 

Some search terms I use are when looking for wholesale and or import businesses are:

Wholesale Products China near me

Wholesale Suppliers Near Me

Wholesale Cheap Products

Dollar Store Wholesale Suppliers

Where to get wholesale products

Wholesale Products To Buy

Wholesale importers

These are just some search terms I've used. If you also add the specific product that you are looking for as well as the geographic location. You can do this for individual products for yourself or add The term bulk if you are buying for a business

Best Wholesale Websites I've Used

Some great wholesale websites I have come across where you can purchase even just 1 item or very small to large quantities are:

www.discountschoolsupply.com/ This site you can buy all your needed school supplies all at a wholesale or cheaper price with quick shipping. Though some products you might have to purchase in bulk

www.dhgate.com A site from China very similar to www.wish.com but with a lot better quality. The only downfall is everything ships from China so shipping times can be excessive. But has great prices that are hard to beat

www.factoryoutletstore.com Based out of the States. This site offers a huge selection of all named products with same-day shipping options. When I did a comparison of products from this site and Amazon. In every case, this site averaged 30% cheaper. If you want even better deals. You have to check out their sale section it's a big win all the way around.

www.aliexpress.com This site though is china based. They do have shipping warehouses throughout the world for quicker shipping. A lot of wholesalers will use this site buying in bulk. All sellers also offer 1 off items as well. With this site, I have found that sometimes the quality is not the greatest. But for the prices, it can't be beaten.

Another unknown resource that is also by far my favourite. Check with your local stores in your

area. You never know you might find a discount or clearance store you never knew about. In my opinion. It's always better to buy local. I try to do this every chance I get.

As an example. Where we live in the summer we have a population base of 1200 people. Just outside of the downtown core we have this little store called Countree Folk Canada (Facebook page Countree Folk Canada ). The prices are just amazing and can't be beaten, even in major cities they don't come close to the prices that this place has. Who would have known that you would find something like this in a small rural town. But they do exist and are in abundance all over the place. You just have to go searching


This is just a very small selection that you can find outside of the normal sites like Amazon and eBay and even your online classifieds. All it takes is just a couple of minutes of research on Google or any of the social media sites. It can open up an entirely new world of shopping for you.

Saying this. This is online shopping. You can be dealing with other countries than in the country you reside in. So at times, it can be buyer beware. Not all wholesale and import sellers are strictly online though. A lot also have warehouses or a facility that you can go and physically see the products and even shop while you are there. All you have to do in order to do this is just reach out either by phone or email or check their website for details. If you go searching. You will be amazed at the deals out there. Who knows you might even find a version of Countree Folk Canada Discount Store right around the corner from you.

Shane Lifeman

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