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Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Making Money Online

So, you are planning on making money online. One of the things that will really help you out is a website and hosting. Here I will review some if the top sites to help with your decision geared towards just that, making money online

I will be going over the cost. How advanced the designing capabilities are, The skill level needed

to get things going, as well as the good and the bad.

To qualify for this review. The hosting service must offer ways to design a site on their platform. They have to offer various apps to run your site in a way to make money. You must also be able to purchase a domain name.

When picking a web hosting site. For me my main concerns are cost and how easy is it for me to design what I want to accomplish with my site. When I review these sites that I will list, I will be looking at it for the task of making money online. The cost and how easy it is to design a site.

Rating 4.7/ 5

Cost $1 for the first month, $8.95/month after that for the standard plan. Also, has a price lock, so no increases & money back guarantee

Ease of Use - Very user-friendly and offers tons of apps to run any type of site you like. If, you are comfortable on a smart phone. You can use

Based out of the United States and has been around since 1999

Specialty - An all round platform good for everything from blogging to e-commerce but especially great for affiliate marketing and dropshipping...and more Where this platform truly shines is the fact that it offers for free its intershield outside firewall with all plans, blocking potential hackers to your website. Other platforms do offer protection equal to this, but it is an additional paid add-on service.

Another plus is you can build as many sites as you like, all under the same plan, making it great for affiliate markets and dropshippers who want to build landing and review pages. Added that your first month is just $1, and after that $8.95 for the standard plan makes this one of the cheapest around. Add the fact of the ease of use for the site, this is great for someone with little website development knowledge to the more skilled

This platform offers tons of apps to help you run your site. Looking through their app selection, you will be able to run and literally build any type of site that you would like and to any level. When it comes to making money online, this site has everything you will need, and more.

The only negative thing that came up is the fact that the technical support is not the greatest though there chat from their website. But the email support is good. .

Overall a great platform with ease of use and one of the cheapest I've come across that offers more advanced features and add-ons.

Rating 4 / 5

Cost $9.50 with introductory promo, then its $19.50/month with the startup plan

Ease of use - Very user-friendly and required little skill to operate and run the site.

Based out of the United States

Specialty - E-Commerce is known for its e-commerce capabilities, especially for its shopping cart capabilities and smoothness of operation and transactions. And this is where it shines. This platform provides you with everything that you need to build and maintain an e-commerce site and more with tons of standard features. But the bigger your plan, the more features you will have available to you.

Like the other platforms that specialize in e-commerce. 3dcart offers a free 15-day introductory

offer so you can test the platform to ensure it suits your needs. In this time frame you can get your store up and running and fully tested. 3dcart comes with a free domain upon signing up. If you do decide to move your site, you will lose the domain though.

The next great feature of 3dcart is its setup wizard. This will prompt you through most of your store set up and invoices and more. Afterwards they use a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editors to make the final design of one of the 50 free templates they offer every easy,especially with their video tutorials. Between that and the information you can get from your dashboard its no wonder this site is rated and compared to the best out there and in some areas, exceeds the best.

With tons of pros about this site, the only negative thing I can find is that the advance features are only available on the higher priced plans. For most applications thought, the cheaper plan is all you will need.

Overall a great platform for e-commerce with ease of use and a great dashboard, WYSIWYG designing features with video tutorials makes this easy to use, even for beginners to the more advanced, especially if you are planning to target your site with mobile users in mind.

Rating 5 / 5

Cost - $3.95 / month starting out then $7.95

Ease of Use - Very user-friendly

Based out of the United States and has been around since 1996 making one of the oldest web hosting platforms around

Specialty - Blogging - E-Commerce - Affiliate Marketing

If you are looking at making money online through blogging. Then this is the site for you. is officially endorsed by wordpress. With top-notch speed and great support. It is the best site for small

businesses overall, especially for wordpress hosting. Very reasonably priced and comes with the free domain name for the first year. is known for their great customer support and reliable service that rarely goes down.

The only down fall. It has a slightly higher renewal price than most other comparable sites and it does have a slightly aggressive up sell on the add-ons (which you can easily deselect). But if your main reason for a site is wordpress, then this is the best option out there. This platform also offers woo commerce that offers all the basic features to run an e-commerce site as an added feature so if you want to run a a blog site with an e-commerce store , or if your an affiliate marketer running a blog look no further.

Rating 4.5 / 5

Cost - Plans start at $3.46 / month

Ease of use - One of the best user-friendly sites going

Based out of The United States of America

Specialty - An all round web hosting service that can be used for anything is an all round excellent web hosting service geared towards ease of use. If, are looking at running a business website with a simple blog and a small e-commerce store and nothing to fancy and you don't have a lot or any design experience. Then this is the one for you. Also, comes with a free domain with a 12-month subscription and great video tutorials. offers great ease of use and customer service, with a very reliable service.

All at an affordable price. They are also one of the few sites that will offer a month to month plan.

From this platform, you can run almost any type of site to make money online. It offers all the feature add-ons that you will need and more from wordpress to e-commerce...

Though this site basically has it all. If, are looking at just starting out with the basics its the way to go. Especially with the pricing that it offers and its quality customer support and ease of use. The more add-ons you include, The price increases. With tons of add-ons to choose from, most of there add-ons do come with price. This will drive the cost of your monthly plan up if you want to get into anything more advanced . But starting out, you can't beat it

The Final Word

Choosing a web hosting company and plan can be a tough choice to make as there are so many out there. The ones I selected for this blog I have either personally used or are highly reviewed by sites like PC magazine, Cnet and other top rated sites. I approached this review with the mind set of making money online and based my reviews off of that. I hope this blog helps you in some way with your decision in choosing a web hosting service.

Shane Lifeman

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