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Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Shiny Object Syndrome

Have you ever wondered why it always seems like your very busy, with so many projects on the go, and nothing gets done? Now, this is something that at times, I really struggle with. They actually have a name for this, its called the shiny object syndrome. This is where you start something, you work on it for a bit, or you get distracted or hear of something better. So you switch focus and chase after that idea. Only to keep repeating the cycle and in short. Nothing gets done, but you're always busy doing or working on something.

Why Nothing Gets Done

When it comes to making money, especially with the laptop lifestyle (where you make money from your laptop or computer) I used YouTube for a lot of my research. Unfortunately for me. YouTube is filled with how to make money online in any manner and anyway. I found, when I first started out. I kept chasing almost everything that I came across, AKA distractions. The advertisers on YouTube made it sound so bulletproof and easy. So I investigated a lot of these models and tried some of these. Some of the things I came across I thought would be amazing, others were just a downright scam. Some were so compelling that regrettable and sadly, I spent money on them and got ripped off and lost my money. This happened all due to the shiny toy syndrome - I lost focus on my task at hand.

Time Management Rules

Though it took me some time. I finally figure it out. I had to have rules in place that I had to abide by and get a mindset of still working for someone and being accountable to them. I sat down, looked at everything I had investigated previously and came up with a plan, and a schedule that I would work within. Once I came up with a schedule. I was able to focus on just a couple of things and work on those and only those. Even-though I would bounce between those ideas and only those ideas. Over time things started taking shape, and money started coming in. For me, It was the only way I could work, and be successful. I had to have multiple projects on the go with a schedule in place. I was never any good at doing just one thing at a time until completion, but this worked for me. I discovered for myself. If I wanted to make money online. I had to stop chasing the dream of getting rich quick. Getting rich quickly really doesn't exist. But there is always the exception, and the odds to that exception in my eyes is like being struck by lightning twice, at the exact same time.

My Online Income

Once I realized that there is no real get quick process. I opted for the slow consistent and steady build, and it paid off. I also chose to diversify as well. What I mean by that is I chose not to do just one thing, but several. I chose to generate income in this manner – Dropshipping – We do this by using a model called Print On Demand. We created several product apparel lines that included general apparel like t-shirts & mugs. But also a custom line of home decor that includes bedding and bath decor. This is sold through our e-commerce sites. How this works is. An order comes in and goes straight to our supplier. The supplier then makes the product on-demand, and ships it to the customer. The customer pays us, we, in turn, pay the supplier. We never see the product. Next, we generate an income from intellectual product downloads, as in a downloadable book (coming soon), as well as my wife's yoga seminars that she produced. We also generate income off of several blogs that we run and promote affiliate links on (as in the blog you are reading right now). An affiliate is a company that we aligned ourselves with, we talk about there product or service by mentioning it in our blogs and link to the company, When someone enters their site through our link, we get paid. All of these are a slow build. The e-commerce and blogs are all content-driven, as well as traffic driven. So the more content we have on the blogs, the better chance we have of making money. We also generate an income from the life and business coaching performed through zoom advertised from my site, and This is an instant payment that we receive and does vary each month.

Shiny Object Syndrome Resolved

So you see. The way I solved my shiny toy syndrome when it came to making money online, or life in general. I created several options and stayed within just those options. I also created a plan for how I was to tackle these options. I treated this business like I was still working for someone else and had a boss to answer too. You can apply this to almost any aspect to your life as in business, career, relationships... As the saying goes, the grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence. But in reality, it never is

Some of the tools to help me with my time management. I found it was very important for me to figure out my personality trait. The one I used is at I also found on this site some other good tests that anyone could benefit from, as in an aptitude test, IQ test (always good for a laugh) and others.

I also found this book as well which is a great read.

15 Secrets Successful People do for Time Management

another great book is from the Dummy series, you can never go wrong with any of these:

Successful Time Management For Dummies

I found myself getting busy with the projects that I selected. I needed to start planning things in advance. Though I hate doing this myself, as I tend to prefer to go with the flow, This software I found to be amazing with helping me organize my day, week, month. Especially when it came to meeting deadlines.

AnyTime Organizer Deluxe 16 [PC Download]

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