The Job Interview Tips and Tricks

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Today’s topic is something that sooner or later, everyone goes through. I am hoping to give you some insight on how to handle and conduct yourself during the dreaded Job Interview.

Job interview psychology

Myself. I have been on the receiving end of unfortunately many interviews, and also have conducted interviews for various positions in both the companies that I have owned and also worked for. I am hoping that I can help you understand the mindset and psychology of the interviewer to increase your chances of landing the job. This is only through my eyes and experience as not all interviewers are alike.

Job Interview Clothes

As soon as you walk into the interview, I am assessing you. The first thing I notice is how you are dressed. I don’t care about what you are wearing, or the type of clothing. I am looking for neatness, and cleanliness, are your clothes clean, are they wrinkled, did you shower, is your hair groomed and your overall appearance, doesn’t look like you just threw something on as you jumped out of bed, are your pants hanging below your underwear. Get the picture. The reasoning behind this, I want to see if you have pride, this is pride in your overall appearance and yourself. This is the first indication to me, that you will also take pride in your job. I am also watching your body language for the something, are you sitting straight up, or slouching, arm over the back of the chair. Some suggestions, if you have piercings other than your ears, take them out and some with tattoos, cover them up (before you jump all over me, I have them, but you will only see them under my terms, there is a time and place for everything, and a job interview, in my mind is not the place to express yourself, especially in a professional environment). Think of it this way. If someone was to pay you say $45,000 for 1 year, and all you had to do to be eligible, for those funds, was to be presentable, and respectful. What would you do?

Job Interview Introduction

Next is how you introduce yourself to me, I am looking for confidence, and that you are proud in who you are, this also comes down to, and tells me. will you have pride in your work, and confidence in your capabilities. I am also listening to how you address me, I don’t care if you call me sir, or address me by my first name. I am listening in the tone of your voice, I’m listening again for confidence, as well as respect. If you are already in the interview room before I arrive, sitting, I’m watching to see if you stand up and greet me, or if you just sit there and say hi, If I am the first one to arrive and you walk in, introduce yourself, walk up to me and shake my hand or if you just walk in saying nothing and help yourself to a chair. This once again is all about confidence and respect. The first 10 seconds of the interview for me is very critical, this is where most of the time I will decide either yes or no, it's within this time frame. If I have decided no, you will have a tough hill to climb for me to change my mind, you will have to impress me big time for that to happen, and it does and has happened.

What To Say In A Job Interview

So, we are now both seated, now this is where we start talking, and one thing you have to remember, and, or know, I already know a lot about you, I’ve gone through your resume, and yes, I have also checked all of your social accounts and content, you might think that your accounts are all locked up and secure through your privacy settings, well they are not, I can see most if it, and I’ve also googled your name, so before you start job hunting clean up your social media as good as you can, get rid of all the stuff you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see or know. Looking through your social media accounts tells me the type of person you are and your character. Okay, back to the topic of this is where we start talking. I prefer the interview style where we are just generally talking, not direct and blunt questions, I want to make the person feel at ease,. When a person feels at ease, this is when they will start to open up, and there guard is down. I’m still listening to the tone of your voice, but I am also looking at your body language, as I can tell if you are trying to pull something over me, or hide something but your mannerisms and body language tells me every time, the truth, For the questions I do ask, be open and honest because remember, I already know the answers, here I am looking into your character. For the questions that come up in our discussion, If it's a business I own, I want to see how the person will represent me, and my company. If it's for a company I work for, then it's about, can I, and my coworkers work with this person. It's as simple as that

In our discussion time, answer all questions with confidence and with direct answers, if there is something you don’t know, simply say, I don’t know. If I have decided within the first 10 seconds that yes I will hire you, my agenda is to simply get to know you as a person, and to confirm the fact that my decision to hire you is correct, and I am confident that you will represent me and my company in a positive and respectful manner when at work. Now if I’ve decided not to hire you within the first 10 seconds, my agenda is to prove this is a wrong decision, and I will be talking about all sorts of topics in our discussion, and most of the time this will confirm my decision not to hire you, and the interview will typically last no longer than 5 minutes. Longer if I have decided to hire you, as now I want to get to know you.

Good Job Interview Techniques

A technique that I use when conducting an interview is, I will build you up by saying stuff like, this is impressive, I like how your resume looks, great job, I like this and or this. The reason behind this, is I want to see your confidence and or your ego, but also put you at ease. Though having both confidence and ego, are good in my eyes, I want to also see if you can work well with others, and take suggestions and or other people's opinions into consideration. When you feel something you have done is top-notch, I still want to see if you have an open mind to suggestions, and not blow other suggestions off, just because you did it. I will ask at some point what would you have done differently to make it better on something that I build you upon. I want to see your reaction, My dream answer to this question is, I would have consulted other people. This tells me you are a team player, plain and simple. I also want to see if your ambitious as well and to see if you're motivated. Let's face it, If I owned the company, I want to see how much money you can make me, cause when I make money, so do you. If I'm interviewing you as a possible co-worker. I want to see what you bring to the table, to help our jobs become easier for everyone.

Closing out the interview, I will always ask, now do you have any questions for me, Always, and I mean always ask at least 1 question about the company. The reason being, I’ve done my homework on you, I want to see if you have done yours on the company. When asking a question about the company, always state something that you know first, could be as simple as this – I know the company does this, but what other things does it do … Nothing will impress an interviewer more than someone who has spent the time and researched the company. This one thing tells me lots and is a huge statement.

Interview Tips and Tricks

-Dress neat, tidy and clean

-Always be respectful both with your communication and body language

-Always emphasize your strengths, and admit your weaknesses

-Be honest at all times, I would rather you admit a mistake than try to cover it up

-Don’t be afraid to ask questions, as you also need to decide if we are a fit for you, as you are for us

-Clean up all your social media accounts, as we do look at them

-Be yourself at all times, don’t put on a phony front

A job interview is like a first date, good impressions count, awkwardness can occur, outcomes are unpredictable

Shane Lifeman

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