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How We Became Snowbirds

I always had the understanding that you work for as long as you can, buy a big house, put some money aside over the years. Take a vacation once maybe twice a year. Retire at 65, and enjoy maybe a good 10 years of retirement while you are physically able to. Was I ever wrong. One early Saturday morning. I started watching YouTube videos, about living cheaply generating an income online and all that stuff. It opened my eyes considerably. I wanted my life to be just like a vacation, but only full time.

When my wife and I first sat down and had the discussion about selling everything off, downsizing and retiring early. I thought it would have just been a dream, and a dream to only fantasize about to help get me through my 10-12 hour workdays. When I thought about it, We didn't know anyone who was even close to retiring including us with our current lifestyle. But my wife and I joined forces and made it happen. Here was our journey

Best Florida Vacation Home Rentals

I'm not the type of person to sit down and let life go by. I wanted to just jump in and go for it. But before I did just that. I needed to do some research and planning first, at least that's what my conscience (wife) told me. I also wanted to make sure how our relationship would survive living in a drastically reduced space. The last thing I wanted to happen is me ending up on and there was no way I was going to let that happen.

My wife had already started doing the research. We put a plan together that would include taking steps to test what the new lifestyle would be like. We decided the first step would be to do a short term property rental. So we sat down together and went over some properties that she found and

liked on the site Our criteria. We wanted a beachfront property, preferably on the gulf side of Florida. So we started the search. I was amazed at the huge selection, and prices would fit any budget. We opted on a small property in ClearWater Florida, with a small private patio right on the beach.

We opted for Clearwater Florida for several reasons. We wanted to experience what it was like

living everyday life, in a lot smaller property than what we currently had. We also wanted to stay in North America and exclude our normal all-inclusive resort vacation. We wanted something different and more on the personal side. Beachfront was a must for both of us. We decided on Florida because we were sort of familiar with the state. And we would also like to possibly look into buying a small place there for the winter and get away from the snow.

Florida Bound

So we packed up the SUV and hit the road. We had 21 hours of driving before we had fun in the

sun for 4 weeks. I'm not going to bore you with all the details as it's all future blog material. But the place we stayed at was like a dream come true. We hung out and enjoyed some refreshing beverages at Johns Pass at Madeiro Beach (our new go-to place when we're in Florida), Visited Winter at the Clearwater Aquarium We had a blast and also checked out some properties for purchase that could potentially be our winter home. After it was all said and done. We both knew that was not an option. This new lifestyle that we discovered and was obtainable was for us. We were ago with a full green light

Starting The Snowbird Process

The next step for us was now to downsize our living quarters while at the same time getting things started with making an income from the laptop (see my blogs about how I make my money

online). I had a rental property that I was renting out where I was doing a rent to own. It turned out the tenants were in no way capable of buying it. So we were going to take it over. Well, this didn't work out as we planned. We ended up selling the property to an acquaintance of theirs so they could stay there for reasons I'm not going to mention here, But it actually worked out for our benefit and also put us in quite the situation as when all this was going on with the rent to own property, we sold the property that we were living in.

So the wife and I put our heads together and came up with a plan. It was summer. We had a trailer on a campground on a lake which we loved. Let's upgrade the trailer so something really nice and spend the summer there and work on our plan of action and for once, enjoy most of the summer. I started shopping around on the site didn't take us long before we took delivery of our 42ft luxury park model. I was actually surprised. It was very comfortable living, it was spacious had literally everything we wanted, and we lasted the summer in it. Now for stage 2 of our plans

Florida Mobile Home Rentals

When we were down in Florida, we took a look at a couple of places and decided yes this is for us.

So towards the end of the summer, we started making our winter plans. We wanted to head back to Florida for the winter and buy a place. I found a website prior to heading south and started the research. We didn't want to rush into a purchase, so we rented an RV that we found on that we would use as a home base until we bought and were able to move in. Less than 10 days into our stage 2 plans we found a place and had a quick close. We were officially snowbirds

Saying Hard Work Pays Off

Though everything didn't go as we planned, everything always works out if you want it bad enough and work hard to achieve it. We were able to transition our life from working full time to only working when we wanted, to having businesses that consumed our lives, to living our lives the way we wanted. Can anyone do this, well that's up to you to decide if the snowbird lifestyle is for you, as we know it's for us.

Shane Lifeman

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