Are Online Courses Any Good

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Over the years, I have kinda made education a hobby for myself. When I was younger (late 20s early 30s) it felt like I lived at college due to all the night courses I took to advance my career, and to give me options for when options were needed . Over the years. I have noticed more and more courses were starting to move to an online format for what I would refer to as hobby courses. Things like the how-tos and stuff. I started noticing several years later, that you could get a fully recognized college, or even a university degree online, at home, for certain courses. When you think about it. What better way to learn something than in your own home, sitting at the table in your underwear, with a fresh coffee, or beverage of choice beside the computer. Sounds like heaven to me.

Is Online Education Any Good

When things first started online. I will admit things were, as I will call Mickey Mouse. The value of the courses wasn't even worth the cost of the paper that the diploma was printed on that they gave you, or you had to print off yourself. They would use slick marketing terminology as in prerequisite for ------ course and get your diploma in this. Take our fully recognized ----- course, and start your new career. When the course was only recognized my themselves. Most were in fact were like an introductory course for the real thing. But I will have to admit. The diploma looked real impressive sitting on the wall. Yes, I was suckered into taking a few of these, way back when. It seems like in the last 10 years or so. The quality of these courses drastically improved. You could take things like graphic design, website building, coding, computer networking, photography, video editing. You could learn things such as internet marketing, business finance, personal development... The list is endless now on what you can take.

Online Course Recommendations

Some of the best online courses I've come across, and have taken myself is: if you want to develop and advance your career. I've personally used I find their course selection and quality and price are very hard to beat. If you are looking for personal development, or to learn a skill that you might want the option maybe going into self-employment. I've used this site Both sites have helped me greatly in getting me where I am today, in the time frame that I wanted. Now for the kids. Though mine are all grown up and I've been an empty nester for awhile. My sister who is still doing her time, and has awhile left to go recommends

Do Your Research

I will say. Just like anything else nowadays. Do your research as to what might be good for my situation, might not be good for yours. Perform a search on the school and or course, check out the reviews... If you find anything else that you might feel could be worth taking a look at when it comes to online education. Please send me the info. I would love to take a look at it.

The day I stop learning or lose the desire to learn, well for me its no longer a lifeman. I'm then just putting in the time.

Shane Lifeman

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