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Updated: Aug 23, 2020

What Is Print On Demand

I've been asked by several people what's the quickest and easiest business and also one of the cheapest to get started with to make money online. For me, that's a no brainer. It would be a custom apparel e-commerce store that utilizes dropshipping and print on demand. So what is this, how does it work and how do you go about doing this business model. Firstly here are some definitions if you are not sure of what they are:

What is an e-commerce site ?

Simply put, its a store, but is online

What is a print on demand supplier

This is a company that can print custom logos and stuff onto apparel, They typically will do as little as 1 item at a time, or multiple items of the same design

What is dropshipping

This is a business model where the retailer doesn't keep any direct inventory on hand, but when an order comes in. The retailer will then transfer the order to the dropshipping company, who in turn fulfills the order, and will ship the item directly to the customer bypassing the retailer.

Print On Demand How Its Works - The Process

Print on demand starting out. First I would come up with some designs and logos and such that you would think would be good to display on apparel. Now if you are unable to do the design work. There are companies where you can cheaply purchase already designed themed graphics that you can easily customize to suit your needs, check out If that doesn't work for you, you can hire a graphic designer through This is a site where people offer their skills for hire. I've personally have used many times in the past with great results for various projects.

The next step would be to locate some print on demand companies. Myself, I would prefer to use a company that is within North America, with international shipping, simply for the reduced shipping times. Some companies I've used in the past and still use to this day are: and Check them out and see if either company is a fit for what you would like to do. Both of these sites not only offer you the apparel. They also offer you a very easy to use interface to place your designs and logos onto the apparel.

Next is building your e-commerce site aka the store, and link your print on demand supplier to it . There are numerous Webhosting sites out there that you can use. If you don't have a favorite here are a few to check out: and All 3 sites basically offer the same features as they can host e-commerce that takes payments through a 3rd party, and have templates to make designing easy. If you don't feel comfortable designing your site. I would check out for someone who can. Like everything else, do your research when doing anything, and go the route that is the best fit for your needs. Another option you have as well is selling on sites like and where you dont have to build a website

So your site is now built, and everything is ready to go. The last thing to do is to start driving traffic to it. You could start out by posting links to your site on your social media accounts. Listing your designs on Amazon, pintrest and Etsy is also another means to drive traffic. Or, You can also learn how to do paid ads on google, bing and facebook

The things I like about Print on Demand

1- It's very cheap and easy to get started

2- you control the designs and profit margins

3- if done correctly, you can start to make money in a very short period of time.

Can You Make Money With Print On Demand

The answer to this question is, yes you can make money online with print on demand. In fact you can make a lot of money. The secret to print on demand is quantity and competitive pricing as well as marketing. The more designs you have, and im talking 100s and 100s of designs if not 1000s of designs, the more you will appeal to a wider market, and the more you will sell.

Some of the print on demand stores that my wife and I operate are:

Shane Lifeman

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