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Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Living Life - Living Free

Towards the end of 2017. I made a life-changing decision, to liquidate almost everything. I had a very successful business and multiple real estate income properties that I owned and managed myself. I was very hands-on with everything. I worked very hard for my money and success but wasn't able to enjoy it. Towards the end, I was paying the price. I was getting burnt out. I was responsible for my employees as well as all of the business overheads. With the investment properties, I was also responsible for 3 mortgages and all the problems that went with tenants and rental properties. I was walking a very fine line. Just one small hiccup and everything would come crashing down. I had no help. It was all me, and only me doing everything. People on the outside thought I was living the dream. I had everything, and I did, except for my time, quality of life and happiness.

My Life Changing Decision

So I made a drastic life-changing decision to change my life, and do whats best for me. I started selling everything off and simplified my life. I started with my business, which took about 8 months to finalize the sale. Throughout the year. I was able to sell off my investment properties. I started seeing life from a new perspective. I no longer viewed life as he who dies with the most, wins. I started viewing life as I wanted to live life. I wanted to live free. I no longer would measure success by the money in the bank. But started measuring success by the people in my life and the quality of life I had. So at the age of 52. I declared myself to be semiretired. I never looked back.

What Did I Do

What did I do to be living the lifestyle I have now. Living smaller, living free. It took a complete mindset change. I basically had to de-clutter my life. I scaled back on my living space. How much space does one actually need to live? to live comfortably. I Reduced my cash-flow outlay. I took some of the money I had from selling everything and became 100% debt free. I married a lady that would work with me, instead of against me, or put roadblocks in-front of me hindering my drive for success, no matter which way I viewed success. That was the biggest change I made. Having someone work with me, and walk beside me. I changed my view on how I measured success. Gone are the big houses, the expensive cars, who needs them when it comes down to it.

Though now I'm living smaller. The payout is much higher and more rewarding. I have now, quality of life. I'm actually able to enjoy what I've worked for so hard over the last 35 years, and I'm still young and healthy enough to still do what I want. Now I also have the time to do these things now as well. Instead of waiting until vacation time came once a year.

Most people are told. Work your 40 plus years, get a good pension, buy the big house. Work just to pay the mortgage and bills, and maybe put enough aside for the future. Not this guy. Once I realized what I could do by living smaller. It really changed my outlook on life. My overhead per month is next to nothing, so much so it enabled me to purchase a 2nd place down in Florida for the winter months, similar to what I have up north. Though I liquidated my business and my income properties. I still maintained an income. I now earn my income from my laptop Though its a lot smaller income. I don't need much to live off of now, but yet I'm doing so many more things that I want to do. Instead of the things I have to do. It gave me choices and options. Some people now laugh at my lifestyle. Which is fine. I've been asked. Why would I want to live this lifestyle? Don't I miss living in a big house? Now I just smile and wave, as I see them drive by on their way to work Monday morning, to start that grind. Knowing inside of me. They could be doing the same as what I'm doing right now. But they either want to live like the Jones or be the Jones. Me, I'm living smaller and free. I'm living Lifeman, and loving it.

Living smaller and free is better than living large and confined.

Shane Lifeman

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