Is Kaspersky Internet Security Any Good

I've been finding more and more. That the internet is and can be a huge and scary monster. It doesn't discriminate in any manner, not age, race, political view... None of this. If you're looking for something, no matter what it is. You will find it on the world wide web. That's the scary part

Which Internet Security is Best

When I first became familiar with computers and the internet way back in the early 90s. The only thing you had to worry about was just having a good virus protection program. That was it.

Over the years my main go-to program has been I find the interface is very easy to use, Updates on a very regular basis. The times I had to take my computer into the experts for upgrades. It always comes clean for viruses and malware and the price is very compatible with or even better than other similar programs.

If you are on a budget though Kaspersky does have a free version called Kaspersky Free. Unlike most of the other free versions out there Kaspersky doesn't have any 3rd party adds, and it doesn't collect any information on you. I will always be the first to say, hey why pay for something when you can get it for free. After all. it is the internet. There are also tons of free internet security software downloads available that you can find through Google

Major Credit Card Breach

One of my biggest fears is something happening with my banking and credit card information.

Over the years I have had 2 close calls, both with my credit cards. With myself. I am very adamant about checking my bank accounts almost daily. What I check for is any surprising transactions almost if not always being withdrawals. Though I have found several at the time questionable withdrawals from my bank accounts, for some reason though sadly they always turn out to be legit I am still waiting to see a surprising deposit happen. But to date. I am still waiting. I also check my credit cards as well as just to keep safe.

In this one situation, I noticed a small charge on my card for $125. I googled the entry associated with the charge, found nothing so I called the credit card company. Turns out it was a cult nowhere near to where I live or have been in a long time. The credit card company also told me they have received several complaints already and if I would like to also file a complaint the company will be flagged and investigated. I said sure, add me to the list. My credit card was now considered compromised and cancelled and a new one was shipped out.

Previous to this happening I just had the free version of just the basic virus protection. After this situation, I now considered myself at WAR and I could no longer rely on just my favourite F word - Free version to do the job. I needed to bolster up my defences I wanted backup and not just any backup I wanted the best out there. The 2nd situation happened shortly after the 1st situation. Let's just say I had a gray-haired moment and created a fuss that got my credit card cancelled once again and a new one issued. Only to find out I had forgotten the fact that I had actually made the purchase.

What is the Best Free Internet Security Software

I looked at them all. I considered both the free version and the paid version of as

you see their ads everywhere, or at least I do. It just didn't cut it for what I wanted. There are also tons of software out there that claim to be the best internet security software. But none of the

free versions didn't do everything that I wanted. For myself, I wanted an all in 1 protection program that did everything. I wanted it to not only protect me from the viruses and malware. Internet banking encryption was also topping

my list. I also wanted a password manager as at times I can't remember all my passwords let alone get the matching password and site correct, I wanted or should I say I needed a very good VPN service mainly due to the fact we do a lot of streaming. A good VPN service also makes it easier for us to log into some of our business sites as we can set the location (I will now officially claim this to be the main reason for a good VPN for our situation :-) I also wanted protection from webcam hacking as that's just creepy in my mind.

Internet Safety Software for Kids

My biggest thing though was protection for the kids. I wanted to be able to have the capabilities to

restrict what they are exposed to on the internet. I have to admit though that is by far one of the best standalone options out there, and can't be matched when it comes to this topic. For our situation though we have no young ones living with us or visiting on a regular basis. For us we just wanted to gain control of what we are selves are exposed to on this world wide web and also get peace of mind for when we actually do get some younger visitors. .


For our situation and what we wanted and required. We found to be right up there and with top reviews from and add in that they always have offers on their site it was a win for our household. I wanted peace of mind as well as

Shane Lifeman

Technology trust is a good thing, but control is a better one

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