How To Earn Money Online Surveys

For this blog, we will take a look at how to make money through online surveys. Are online surveys a scam. Or are online surveys that pay you legit. Are online surveys free. How can you get paid through online surveys. Here we will take a look at the world of online surveys, both the good and the bad.

My History With Online Surveys

I have done online surveys on and off for years now. I have also created several online surveys for

research and product marketing purposes for some businesses I've had. When I am looking fo r marketing information. I've Typically created these surveys mostly through a website called .

Online Surveys Advantages and Disadvantages

The biggest thing with online surveys are, it's not a get-rich-quick platform. What it does come down to though. The more time you put in and the more surveys you do. The more money you will

make. Traditionally online surveys are known to be low paying. But they do pay out, or at least the ones that I now use. What online surveys are ideal for though, is to make some extra money in your spare time. The biggest disadvantage to doing online surveys, is the fact that most surveys you have to perform a short question and answer session to see if you will qualify for the survey. In saying this. I have found the more information you place in your profile. The better chances are you will qualify.

Online Surveys How Do They Work

Companies that are looking at mostly doing some form of market research will pay an online survey site to do just that for them, market research. The online survey company will create and publish a survey to it's site on their clients behalf, and then pay qualified individuals to complete the survey and then pass the gathered information back to their clients. It's that simple.

If you are looking at being the person getting paid to do the surveys. Most sites this is a simple process. You register with the site, creating a profile, The more information you place in your profile the better chance you will qualify to do a survey. When you have completed your profile is completed. You will then be matched up for surveys based on your profile and the specific demographics that the surveys companies clients are looking for. When you are a match, you will then complete the survey, earning points. Once you acquire a specific amount of points, you will then qualify for a payout.

Online Surveys How Do They Pay

Most online surveys will have a payout system that is based off of points. They more points you gather, the more you make. These points can then be exchanged or redeemed for an online

survey payout. For the payout, you will generally have a choice of either a gift card from a list of chosen companies. These gift cards can vary from various companies like amazon, Walmart, Target, to various gas cards to restaurants and more. You can also have the option of redeeming your points to a PayPal account payout equivalent to a cash payout.

Online Surveys What To Look For

There are lots to beware of when it comes to online surveys, some are notoriously known for not

paying by closing your account right before you qualify for a payout. The way I check to see if an online survey is legit, is I google the site and add the word review to it. Doing this will give you a good idea if the site is legit or not. Another thing that I look for is how many ways does the site have that you can earn money or points from. The sites I use have a combination of surveys as well as playing online games. Though playing the online games through the survey site, you don't make as much money as if you would participate in a survey, the money is more consistent, as you don't have to qualify for the survey.

Online Survey Review

The sites that I now exclusively use too make money through surveys are and I find both of these sites very consistent with the payouts. Offer a large selection of gift cards and or a cash payout through PayPal. These sites also offer a variety of ways to make money through their sites with being my favorite and the one where I will spend 80% of my time when I'm doing surveys

Online Surveys How Much Money Can You Make

Like I mentioned the fact that online surveys are not known to make you a lot of money. Though doing the surveys and playing the online games. At times, I have reached a staggering average of

around $5/hr payout with the most I have made in 1 week being $204.74 (though I didn't track the amount of hours it took me to make this amount). The average dollar amount per survey typically ranges from $1-$5 but once in a while you can hit the jackpot and qualify for a survey that pays in excess of $20 or even rarer $100+ but like I said, that's hitting the jackpot. Though it will be very hard to make a living off of doing online surveys, you can make some extra cash in your spare time to help pay down some bills quicker, invest or just to give you a little but extra spending money.

Doing Online surveys can be a very easy way to make some cash especially at time of need, and it can also be a fun way as well, as most surveys can be engaging to do, as they are literally asking for your opinion. The Best thing to do. Like I always say. If, you are looking at making some extra money doing surveys, Take the time and do the research. Find what is best for your situation, and go for it and have fun and enjoy the experience.

Shane Lifeman

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