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Updated: Aug 23, 2020

Affiliate Marketing - My Story

I make it no secret, I make most of my income now through what is called affiliate marketing. This is where you align yourself with companies and products, and you drive traffic to their sites by some form of promotion. If a purchase is then made on that site in some manner, you will get a commission.

Though, this is probably one of the slowest things I've done to generate an online income. Its also

one of the few methods that I would actually classify as being truly passive. A passive income is where you do something once, and you keep getting paid for it, over and over. Other samples of a passive income are writing a book, creating a YouTube video. Purchasing a rental property... Each one of these examples you do something once, either you purchased it, or created it, and you keep getting paid for it.

How Do You Learn Affiliate Marketing

My wife will tell you. I spent a lot of hours on YouTube learning all the ins and out when it came to affiliate marketing. It drove her crazy. But I found this only took me so far. Though I was actually making money within my first couple of weeks. I wanted a more aggressive approach as well as sustainability, and I wanted to scale fast.

In my research I was adamant about not spending money to learn. But I had finally reached a

brick wall in my progress.I started searching online, affiliate marketing training courses. What I wanted n an affiliate marketing training course was a community that I could learn from, get feedback and advice on affiliate marketing, That also showed me affiliate marketing tips and tricks as well as provide me affiliate marketing tools and resources to succeed. But most importantly, not break the bank. After doing tons of hours of research. I finally broke down and subscribed to a training program at

What I liked most about was not only that they gave you the 1st lessons free. It also provided me with a community full of ideas and help. The resources on the site was just amazing. They provided me with a 1 stop shop platform that had everything I needed as in an extensive training program, not only in affiliate marketing tips and tricks and affiliate marketing tutorials, but also step by step instructions on how to build a website and the correct way to set up a blog too generate traffic. You name it in relation to training and affiliate marketing advice. It was on this site.

With tons of options out there for training, and pricing all over the map, some in the $1000s of dollars. I found pricing to be very reasonable. They had the first month priced at $19, and after that just $30/month. I decided to finally go this route as I saw the potential of doing affiliate marketing, and I wanted to fast track it, and do it right the first time. Though I was starting to see success (making money) on my own. Like I mentioned I wanted to not only fast track it, but also do it correctly for sustainability while at the same time getting feedback and advice, and attack affiliate marketing with a plan for success. As the famous quote goes. If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.

What do you need to do Affiliate Marketing

First and foremost, you need to decide on what affiliate marketing niche you would like to be in. Then you need a means to drive traffic to the product or service(s) through promoting it. This could be from a blog post, purchasing online ads (Google, Facebook, Bing) or through social media. I chose the blogging route for myself. What I did. I created this website to market my services. I also created a blog to not only help people out, but to also generate an income while doing just that. Helping people out, while telling my story.

Once I had the basics of this site put together. It was time to start working on ideas for the blog, and to find some companies and products that I could promote. There are 2 ways to do this, you

can google for independent affiliate marketing companies, where they manage everything themselves 1 company at a time. Or you can join an affiliate marketing network. This is where companies looking to advertise products or services join a 3rd party, who in turn will look for marketers to do just that, market on there behalf and vise a versa.

The affiliate marketing network sort of acts as a middleman and will also make sure you will get paid. A network also makes it easier to track all the information you need as well through a dashboard. For myself I'm planning on building this site out with a lot of content over time, so I could be dealing with 100s of companies so I am anticipating I will need certain affilaite marketing tools in place to help me manage everything. So for myself. The network option was the way to go for me right now. Though I am slowly including independents as I progress

Affiliate Marketing Starting Out

Starting out I tried both the independent and Network formats. I soon realized for myself. I

preferred teaming up with an affiliate marketing network platform. My reasoning for this, I was guaranteed to get paid and I wanted an easy way to track all the information especially with what I was planning on doing, building this site out. The platforms I signed up for are: – a very popular network with 1000s of companies to choose from another very popular network that's been around a long time. You can find companies, as well as individual products and services on this network to promote. But check them out fully beforehand. I found some listing on this site, though were active, the programs no longer existed. A great site if you are interested in promoting individual products The biggest for individual products. Though having the smallest commission out of them all. You can make up for this with quantity and diversification of products Not necessarily a network, it does offer both training and tons of affiliate programs to join from there site, both independent and through a network

There are more out there. The ones listed above suited my needs right now. But if you are looking for more, just google affiliate networks, more will show up

What is the Secret To Affiliate Marketing

The biggest secrets to affiliate marketing is content, content and content. You need to be able to create good content that generates traffic to your site in order to be ranked on the search engines (Google,Bing)

In order to get ranking on the search engines, you also need to format your posts to be ranked, as in placing keywords throughout your posts that will greatly improve your chances of showing up on the 1st page on a given search term, as well as having some good SEO (Search Engine Optimization). All of these you can learn through the training program I joined at


Another secret to all of this is, consistency and time. The search engines love consistency, so the more regularly you post content (it tells the search engines that you are active). The more the search engines like it, and the better chance you have of getting shown in the 1st page search results.

Downfalls To Affiliate Marketing

It takes time, and a lot of work when starting out. You have to build the site, create a relationship

between the companies you want to promote, you have to create content, and lot of content on a regular basis, as the more quality content you create, chances are, the more money you will make. That's all there is to it. But if your willing to put the time and effort in, you shall be rewarded,

The Upside To Affiliate Marketing

With dedication and time, affiliate marketing success can be achieved for anyone who wants to work at it. You have to be willing to put in the time. Its just like any other business model starting out, you wont get rich overnight. But in time, you can and will make a lot of money. Like I mentioned before. I actually started to see financial results within my first week. Though it wasn't a lot of money $147.18. It was enough to tell me that yes I am on the right track.

Shane Lifeman

Going Viral. There are no big secrets in going viral. The secret is to create a format or template that gets people to pay attention and pay.

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