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Over the years, I have learned one thing. Always have options and a backup plan. About 15 years ago. I discovered that, yes you can make money online. So I started the research and learning process. My goal was to teach myself how to make money online, and even better. How to create a passive income online that would need little to no work to maintain, but yet I would still generate a revenue stream from it.


Starting Out 

When I really became involved with making money online. I wanted to learn as much as I could, as fast as I could. I will mention that you will see online all the time, ads like how I make millions per month doing this. Well first off I found out real quick the costly way. They are not stating the entire truth. Yes, they probably are making that per month. But chances are their take-home amount is by far a lot less. The reason being is they are not telling you the expenses they pay in order to generate that type of income. They are also not telling you what they have to pay product costs and in taxes either. So don't believe everything you see, hear or read about when it comes to making money online. Do the research yourself. You don't need to pay an outrageous amount of money on how to learn to make money online. You have 2 amazing tools that are free. Google and YouTube. Learn from these 2 tools. They are free. That's how I learned most of what I know .


My First Venture

The first thing I tried was buying and selling. I would use platforms like eBay, Craigslist and Kijiji and various online auction sites... What I would do. I would search out items on these platforms that were a good deal. I would purchase the item. Then I would relist it on another platform in another geographical area. This was easy money, as far as I was concerned, and I made good money doing this. What I would do was, I would not only make a profit on the item. I would also list in US funds, so money was made on the exchange rate. I would charge a little bit extra on the shipping and or delivery of the item and once in a while, I would also include a small handling charge if I had to ship a product internationally. For myself, this was a great little part-time gig, gave me some good spending money and helped put money in the bank for savings, bills and such. I still do a little bit of this today. But not as much due to there is so much competition out there now.


Online Surveys

The next thing I discovered was the old survey thing. I tried to make money online with several of these sites. The one I liked the best was and I found all the others well, it just took way to long to make anything, and when a survey came along that paid well, I never qualified. I messed around with this for a bit. Though I was able to make some money. In the long run. Doing surveys just took up way to much of my time. That was time away from my family. So back to doing more research on Google and YouTube.


It didn't take me long until I found  Now this is what I wanted and was looking for. This site, you can advertise your skills as a service to other people, and be financially compensated. Simply by helping others. I was now in my element. I was able to help others through my life experiences and what I have learned. I marketed every skill I had, and I was able to actually make some decent money. Even to this day I still use this site, adding to my income. The nice thing about  I was also able to search for people with skills I didn't have but needed. It was through this site, I was able to and still do help a lot of people, and a lot of people had helped me over the years. Check it out and see for yourself, You will find tons of people with every skill you can think of, and more.


Next in line that I did was e-commerce. This is where I created a website where I sold stuff online, basically an online store. I had a couple of things that I made or would buy and resell on the site. This was the slowest out of the gate venture I did to make money online. The reason being was. It was very hard to drive people to the site. Once someone came to the site. I then had another challenge of trying to convert them into customers. Though I gave it my best shot, and I didn't lose money on it. I never really made any as well. But I was able to keep the learning curve going in the right direction setting me up for the next money-making online venture down the road, and that was dropshipping. I revisited the e-commerce format again about 6 months ago. I signed up and built an e-commerce site through My wife and I wanted to add a clothing line to her yoga website. What I did was built the site on this platform, I used a print on demand service that was offered through called who also dropshipped as well. We are able to design custom clothing through and sell the products on simply by adding a link from the existing site to the site on yes I used 2 sites linked together increasing the overall cost slightly. But it is the cheapest way to go for what we needed. Also through, they provided me with all the tools I needed to market the site. Which was something I didn't have in the past.


When I discovered dropshipping. I was in heaven. I have done retail several times before, both brick and motor and online and it didn't take long to tie up a lot of money in inventory. When I discovered dropshipping. I loved the concept right from the start. Dropshipping is where you promote someone else product, and you would get a commission every-time a product would sell. What I did, was I created a website on I would then list links and a description of a product with pictures and actual reviews from the seller's site. Doing this I found was great. I didn't have funds wrapped up in inventory. I knew how to market the site. People would come onto the site. Make a purchase and pay. I would then place an order with my suppliers. I would pay the supplier and they would in turn also ship the product directly to the customer. I would profit from the difference between the product cost to me from the seller, and what the customer would pay. I had products on 3 different sites, each site had a different theme. I would make in excess of over 500% markup on some products. The only downfall to this. All of the products I had were being shipped from China. The wait time for the customer to get there product was on average 3-4 weeks, and in some cases even longer. Due to this. I also had to give out a lot of refunds as well. People were use to and wanted to have their product in their hands within a couple of days. Though frustrating it was dealing with this issue, as customer service was definitely not my strongest trait. You can still make really good money. The only thing I would do differently with this business motto was strictly deal with North American suppliers. You won't make as much money, but you also won't have anywhere near as many returns. The main company I dealt with was at the time. Now if sign-up with they have tons of options when it comes to suppliers I found with dropshipping, the more money you spent on ads like Google and Facebook. The more money you made. Unless you had a platform that was already generating traffic that you could then send over to your dropshipping site or incorporate the two together.


From dropshipping I finally found affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing. You would find a company, market their site and products, and drive traffic to their site. When someone purchased from the site. You would then get basically a sales commission paid to you from the company, at no additional cost to the customer. This is amazing if you already have an established platform as in a blog or YouTube channel or some sort of social media site. Today this is how I make most of my income. I have several blog platforms where I will place links throughout the blog, similar to what I am doing with this blog right now. People will click on the links, if they purchased, I will then make a small commission. You can also run paid ads as well through google to try to generate traffic. This I find similar to dropshipping. The more money you spend on ads, the more money you will likely make, but not always. Affiliate marketing is truly a passive income platform. You do something once. You will continue to get paid for it over and over again. Though I have only been doing affiliate marketing for a short time now. I am already seeing the good results and freeing up my time, even more, to spend with family and friends, and the things I love doing in life.


So what exactly do I do now? Well, I have several blogs that I affiliate market on. One is geared to product reviews, in a blog format and is truly an affiliate marketing site geared for quantity. I run this site with my son. The other blog site is this site which is basically a blog site geared towards life-skills and business coaching. Though this site is a blog site. The affiliate links I place on this site is geared towards quality. I am very selective about what I choose to market on this site, as I am building a brand. I also have an affiliate geared website that I market and also run with my son which is more like a top 10 recommendation site. This site I change up occasionally. Lastly, we have an e-commerce site on my wife's yoga website. So between the 4 sites, we were able to establish multiple streams of revenue while working on average 15 hours/week total at this point in time.


So can you actually make a full time living online? Yes, you can, if I am doing it, then so can you.



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